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Designing an Outdoor Living Space

Designing an outdoor living space is very much like designing a room in your house. You have to consider the size and how you want to use the room. Then you consider the creative elements of color, texture, and fabrics. 

Additionally, a successfully designed room creates the desired feelings and emotions. The outdoor room also creates a feeling. It might be a shaded nook with a water feature that feels relaxing. Or it could be an area by a pool that feels like a fun place to grill out. 

Taking a Cue from Interior Design

Designing an Outdoor Living Space Like This.

The professional landscapers at Landscape Innovations follow a similar process when designing an outdoor living space. First, they consider the size of the area. They consider when and how the area will be used. They take into account the existing elements and architecture adjacent to the space. Then they ask if you want a cozy space with defined edges or a larger, more open space.

Finally, after consulting with the client, they determine the elements that will provide the feeling the owner wants to achieve. This can be accomplished with plant selection, fountains, fireplaces, lighting, sunlight, shade, sound, and scent. 

Choosing Appropriate Plants for Designing an Outdoor Living Space

Landscape Innovations prides itself on its leading-edge designs and plant selections. Color, size and habit are all important in plant selection. But choosing the right plants for Tennessee’s Hardiness Zone (7a) and Plant Heat Zone (7) is even more important. With over 20 years of experience in Tennessee, the Landscape Innovations team knows how to create a unique outdoor room. By selecting the right plants for Tennessee, the room can be easy to maintain and attractive in all seasons.

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For creating an outdoor room or any type of landscaping services, including landscape lighting, give owner Michael Ward a call. Landscape lighting can provide the perfect complement to your outdoor living space.