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Should I Hire a Landscape Architect or a Landscape Designer in Franklin?

Your decision on whether to hire a landscape architect or a landscape designer in Franklin depends on the size and complexity of your project. It’s an easy question to answer if you know the difference in the two.

Hire a professional landscape designer in Franklin.

A landscape architect designs large projects, such as parks, gardens, playgrounds, college campuses, and city plazas. A landscape designer designs smaller projects related to residential yards and commercial building landscaping. Projects may include creating patios and decks, building pergolas and retaining walls, adding paths and walkways, and installing landscape lighting.

What Makes a Good Landscape Designer?

While landscape designers may have formal training, they also rely a great deal on their experience. So, when choosing a landscape designer, it is important to choose one who has completed many different projects. And landscape designers should be as comfortable working with local plants as they are with hardscapes and lighting. 

A good landscape designer will meet with clients to understand their lifestyle and needs. This understanding will “inform” the design for the project. For example, if clients have little time for cutting grass, the design will minimize the grassy areas. After the meeting, the designer will make drawings that include the plants, trees, lighting, structures, and hardscapes. In the next client meeting, the designer will explain how the design meets their needs and why he recommends certain plantings. 

What Makes a Good Landscape Architect?

A landscape architect will have at least a bachelor’s degree, but often will have a masters. To be a landscape architect he must pass the landscape architect registration examination. He should: 

  • have knowledge of laws and regulations
  • be a good planner and researcher
  • know about grading, drainage, and construction
  • be able to collaborate well with engineers, surveyors and other professionals

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