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How To Find the Best Outdoor Lighting Professional

Illuminating your yard provides safety, security, and beauty at night. If you are considering a project, it’s important to find the best outdoor lighting professional for your home and property. Finding the right outdoor lighting professional can mean the difference in an “okay” lighting design and one that delivers the “wow” factor. 

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Hiring the Best Outdoor Lighting Professional

Before you hire a company to design and install your outdoor lighting, ask some questions. You want to find the professional that is a good fit for you and your lighting needs. In this blog, we discuss four questions you might want to ask.

Question 1: Do you specialize in landscape lighting?

While this is an obvious question, but one that many people often overlook. A company that specializes in lawn care, might also install landscape lighting as an ad-on to its main business. But that company’s main expertise will probably like in lawn treatments, not lighting. You want to find a company that does outdoor lighting every day. Landscape Innovations is a premier landscaping company in Franklin TN that specializes in landscape lighting.

Question 2: How long has your company been in business?

A landscape lighting company with years of experience will know how to: 

  • illuminate your space to create the desired effect
  • select the best and most appropriate fixtures
  • install the lighting system correctly

Question 3: Can you design a “scalable” lighting system?

A scalable lighting system will allow you to add fixtures after the initial installation. For example, if you plan to put a pool in the back yard in a few years, you will want to add lighting to that area. 

Question 4: Do you have references and a list of addresses where I can see your work?The answer you want here is “yes.” Then be sure to check all references and drive by the properties after dark.