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Landscaping Design Services in Franklin

At Landscape Innovations, we offer comprehensive landscaping design services in Franklin and Brentwood, TN. It is the goal of our team of outdoor professionals to create a design that reflects your pride in your home. We can transform an ordinary outdoor living space into an extraordinarily relaxing paradise.

We Create Unique Designs

We never use the “one-size fits all” approach. Michael Ward, the owner, will work closely with you to incorporate your ideas in the landscape design. Your input coupled with Michael’s design expertise will result in a leading-edge, custom design for you. 

We Select Plants Suited to Your Taste and Lifestyle

For you to really enjoy your landscaping, it should reflect your personality. You might prefer a monochromatic, symmetrical design. Or perhaps you want a riot of contrasting colors, heights, and textures. You might be more concerned with  low-maintenance and budget-friendly plants and seasonal flowers. We can select the plants that you like and need for your lifestyle.

We Install the Landscaping

After the design and selection of plants comes the installation. Our years of experience in landscape installation mean that the job will be done right. You can have peace of mind that we know just how and where each plant should be planted so that it thrives. 

We Can Maintain Your Landscape

We find that people who maintain their own landscaping often fail to enjoy it. Instead of enjoying the plantings and other features, they only see it as work. And, many times, the work takes up the free time that they could be using to enjoy the landscaping. 

Let us do your hedge-trimming, mulching of beds, mulching around trees, seasonal flower plantings, and spring and fall clean up. We offer a full complement of comprehensive maintenance services.

We Can Install Special Features as Part of Your Design

Our comprehensive landscaping design can include these too:

  • Landscape Lighting – for security, to enhance architectural features, drama, or mood lighting
  • Hardscapes – patios, terraces, courtyards
  • Water Features – custom designed features that are always a focal point 

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