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March Landscaping To Do List

March is a busy time for landscaping in Tennessee. That’s because our temperatures are warming up. Our daytime temperature during this month average in the 60s and 70s F, and nighttime temperatures average in the 30s and 40s F. So, let’s look at a suggested March landscaping to do list.

Before we start, because the list might look daunting, remember that Landscape Innovations can complete this list for you. Our professionals will get your landscaping in perfect shape to take off in the spring. Call us today for help with landscape design, landscape lighting, landscaping/lawn maintenance such as weeding, shrub pruning, hedge-trimming, pre-emergence applications, etc. 

A Homeowner’s Landscaping To Do List

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Before you hire professionals, there are several small jobs you can do to clean up your landscaping after the winter season.

  • Clean up the beds and around the trees.  You may still have leaves or dead braches from the fall that need removing.
  • Divide perennials that have gotten too large.  Hostas and day lilies are easy to divide; they are almost impossible to kill.
  • Prepare your tools for the upcoming season.  Service your lawn mower and clean shovels and trimmers that have been stored away.

Let the Professionals Do It for You

As a homeowner, you may not have the time, knowledge, or equipment to keep your landscaping groomed and healthy.  These are things a landscaper can do for you:

  • Professionals can bring in a truckloads of mulch for your beds and do in a few hours what it would have taken you all day to do.
  • Apply pre-emergent to prevent weeds from growing.
  • Prune trees and shrubs of the year’s growth.
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs.
  • Remove dead trees and plants.
  • Plant new trees and shrubs if needed. Professionals know which one are suitable for your climate.

Landscape Innovations Is Ready to Help

With the help of professionals such as Landscape Innovations, you will enjoy your lawn and plants throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  Call us for help with your to do list.