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Does Your Winter Landscape Look Drab?

Winter is a good time to take a critical look at your landscape and decide if you need to kick it up a notch. Of course, winter is not the time to make the change in a winter landscape. Whatever you decide to add to spice things up, you will, most likely, add in the spring. 

Winter Landscape Ideas 

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As one of the top landscape design companies in Franklin, TN we have provided the following ideas can add more interest and color to any drab landscape in the winter:

  • Add pots of closely-trimmed boxwoods to walkways and entryways. This adds color all year long in most climates.
  • Plant trees such as crabapple that retain their fruit or berries throughout the winter. Holly is a perfect winter plant to add to your yard.
  • Plant evergreen trees.
  • Plant trees with highly textured bark to add interest to winter landscaping.
  • Plant flowers that bloom in the winter. Christmas roses are a great plant that grow well in cold temperatures.
  • Before next winter, prune trees after all the leaves fall. Well-trimmed trees look much when they are bare in the winter.
  • Use up-lighting to emphasize plantings that cast interesting shadows when bare. 
  • Add down lights to emphasize your architecture or hardscapes.

Get a Quote from a Professional Landscaper

While your landscape is looking drab, make an appointment with a professional landscaper to come out and have a look at it. The professional will have many ideas to add color and interest to your winter landscape. 

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